Ring pro shuts off after a while

So I guess the person at Ring I’ve been speaking to is no longer wanting to help me. I have a Ring Pro and that I’ve had for several years. Out of the blue it stopped connecting. Ring sent me a replacement. I replaced the old one including the diode block inside my chime and it wouldn’t even power up. I decided to install a higher amperage transformer even though the old one was only a few years old. Same outcome. The other ring doorbell and flood cam have no issues. The only way to get this one powered up is to unplug the transformer for a little while then turn it back on. Sometimes the doorbell will stay active for a while, sometimes only for a few minutes.

Hi there, @Ponchonutty! It sounds like this may be power related. Changing out the Pro Power kit and the transformer was a great step to take. There can be many factors to consider with power, but I put together a Hardwiring checklist to make it easy.

Although it sounds like power could be the cause here, it’s always great to check your wifi signal strength, or RSSI. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: