Ring Pro reboots when button pushed, app no longer shows voltage

I have a ring pro that is 2.5 years old and has a cracked button (sound familiar?). It has been working fine until recently. When the doorbell is pressed, the unit hangs and reboots. Sometimes the notification makes it to the phone before it reboots, sometimes it doesn’t. After a couple minutes, it’s up and running again until someone pushes the button. Live view and history work fine.

When I check Device health, it shows signal strength (which is fine), however the app no longer shows what the voltage is. The word “voltage” isn’t even in the menu. I know it used to be there, but now its gone. When I click on “Device health Report”, it says “its power level is undefined.”

Where do I go from here?

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I no longer see voltage in the app either, specifically iOS. Anyone else lose visibility on voltage in iOS app for doorbell pro? Still shows on Android device.

I have this problem too. I can also verify that the android app still shows voltage.

If you go to Device Health Report on the bottom of the Device Health screen, sometimes it will give “power level is good” but most times it says “power level is undefined.”

I’ve been fighting all day to figure out why my doorbell loses power after someone rings the doorbell. The only way I can reset is to disconnect from the transformer.

Hi neighbors! Would you mind performing a reset and a new setup of your Doorbell to see if that corrects this issue? To reset the Doorbell, you’ll need to remove the faceplate and hold down the setup button underneath for at least 20 seconds. After that’s complete, take it through a new setup in the Ring App by following the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know if the voltage level appears and if it is still rebooting upon each ring afterwards.

I’m having this same issue. I have done the reset option and it is still the same behavior.

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So I went ahead an looked at my inside door chime and did notice that my transformer was only 16V 10VA so I replaced it with a 16V 30VA but it still had the same issue where it shuts off when pushing the button. That’s when I started to mess with the setttings. I have a digital door chime. I changed from digital to mechanical and then hit the button and the unit stays on but I don’t get any chime inside the house. At least it still rings all of my Echo dots.

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I have the same problem. Voltage shows as undefined when I got to Device Health -> Device Health Report.

Note that I do not see any voltage information on my Device Health page in my app.

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Hi neighbors! In addition to voltage rating, it’s always worth checking our Chime Compatibility list for operation of chime kits with the Doorbell Pro. Please also ensure the provided Pro Power Kit is installed as shown in the Doorbell Pro installation manual. There is also the option to bypass an internal chime kit for more power, and use the Ring Chime as the sound inside the home.

The device health should have some indicator in the Ring app as to whether your power is sufficient or not. If this is not the case, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem. Worked years ago when I first put it in. But the past year or longer when you push the doorbell button it reboots or freezes. Upgraded the transformer finally to 16v 30 amps to try something, same thing. I have an older ring pro kit otherwise I would remove the mechanical doorbell to try that. Something must’ve changed during a firmware update that made it stop working. Don’t see the voltage anymore in app like before. Tried deleting and adding the app, not there anymore. I technically don’t have the right gauge wire so I tried doubling them up that that still didn’t work. But again when I first put it in like 3 years ago it worked fine for like a year.

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I had the exact same problem with my Ring Video Pro doorbell. Almost word for word:

Installed and worked fine for 2-3 years
Doorbell button now has cracks in it
Doorbell works while connected to powered transformer, but pushing the button causes a reboot. Also trying to connect to the doorbell live view would cause reboots.
Ring app no longer show power rating in the device health

What I’ve learned is that these “no battery” Ring doorbells do have a battery. It’s not documented anywhere on the Ring site and the support staff wont’ tell you about it. The reason your powered Ring doorbell stopped working correctly is because this battery has died. I found this site Ring Video Doorbell Pro Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide that explains how to order a replacement battery, swap it out and get it working again.

I did this and it did resurrect my broken Ring doorbell. However, Ring has lost me as a future customer. A $150 doorbell that is advertised as running solely on wired power and not requiring a battery cannot fail after 2.5 years due to a hidden battery. That is completely unacceptable. If this device fails again I will either go back to a simple doorbell or find a different company.

I have had my own ….plus multiple clients with power issues In EXISTING DOORBELL WIRING. Once I replaced transformer with 24-Volt, all problems were gone. 16 or 18 volt transformers just don’t seem to last long, if they ever begin working on Ring Doorbells.