Ring Pro Offline - No Ring wifi broadcast to setup.

Ring Pro went offline on June 19, 2020. Tried any and all steps to resolve. Slow flashing white light when attempting to reset and perform setup. Cannot join Ring-xxxxx wifi network when prompted. The device is not running setup correctly. Many users seem to be affected by the same issue over the June 19-June 22, 2020 timeframe. Support sending replacement. Hopefully not refurbished device. This device is too costly to have this happen. I suspect a bad firmware update. They assure me that firmware updates cannot cause the types of problems <lol> ok…

make sure you’re using the 16v-30va transformer like this one:


Did you try removing the ring an unscrewing the power hleage off until the light/ring goes dark)? Mine did this recently ‘showed offline’ and wouldn’t connect during setup as you explained. After power cycling mine was back online. I was having other issues (dead on ding) so support is replacing mine but in this was the first time I had seen it go offline.

i have good voltage though and even tech said the logs show steady (non fluctuation voltage).