Ring Pro Not able to connect to Setup WiFi network

Hello, today I installed my Ring Pro. At first it worked great but within an hour of setup the device fell off of the network. I had read that this is a common issue if your transformer was not up to par. I upgraded my transformer to a 16/30 hoping that would fix the issue.

After the transformer upgrade I attempted to get the device back on the network. At first I went through the device troubleshooting process and it walked me through going into setup mode then exit it so it would reconnect, I attempted this multiple times with no luck.

Since that was not successful I reset the device so I could set it up from scratch again. After the reset I have been unable to get either of my mobile devices to connect to the WiFi network that the device broadcast, Ring-XXXXXX. The app will not connect to it and the mobile devices will not connect via the built in WiFi settings. My mobile devices are an iPhone and iPad. Initial setup was done on the iPhone, troubleshooting continued on the iPad to ensure it was not an issue with my iPhone.

I have tested voltage at the transformer, bell and device and they all read 17 volts.

I have a very small house, 830 sq ft, my router is through one wall and 20 ft away from the doorbell.

I have rebooted my router and my iOS devices.

What can I do to get this issue resolved?

Hi there, @Martin.ez! Trying multiple mobile devices for this setup was a great call. I’m surprised this did not allow for the Ring setup network to connect so that the setup could continue to the next step. The power supplied sounds sufficient and as this Doorbell Pro setup before, it should again.

Try power cycling the Doorbell Pro, by removing power for several moments. Then reapply power and see if the Ring setup network will allow connection. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on the mobile devices.

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