Ring pro - no smart notifications

I recently upgraded to ring pro or so I thought I was doing?

After install I noticed that smart alerts had disappeared from the dashboard - I used smart alerts via my Alexa devices throughout the house to make the announcement ‘motion detected at the front door’ it was really useful and available in all rooms, without having to check my phone.

I telephoned customer services who told me that the ring pro could not access that feature - so what aspect of ring pro is PRO or any kind of upgrade if basic feature are not available.

I have wasted £159 - asked how they would compensate for this non upgrade and they offered 1 month basic video plan refund totally £2.50 and a free 1 month upgrade to their more expensive video plan

Come on Ring, you can do better PRO insinuates basic features plus extra features not a downgrade - seriously not impressed

Hi @Faodavid. You should have the ability to add our Ring Quick Replies to you Ring Pro. First, ensure that your Ring app is up to date, as this feature is not available on older versions of the Ring app. This Help Center article here has information on Quick Replies.

If you wish to have your Alexa devices make announcements, you’ll need to activate that feature in the Alexa app. You can select the Ring Pro, then toggle on the announcements. I hope this helps.