Ring Pro no longer has power?

I’ve had my Ring Pro working properly for almost 4 years now and all the sudden I noticed I wasn’t getting any alerts and the app says not connected. I went to look at the doorbell and the ring wasnt’ lit up anymore. Not sure what the issue is but I think its the small square box thatyou wire up by the door bell chime, any way I can test this?

I’m getting 19volts between the two wires at the door chime. I’m thinking my ring box is bad.

Hi @DIYReid. If you’re needing a new Pro Power Kit V2, you can order the spare parts here. To get this expedited, you can reach out to our support team here to see if they have any available for you.

I’ve had my Ring Pro for 3 years almost to the day and have had no issues. Now it has no power whatsoever and won’t activate. It’s basically dead. My transformer is not the issue (16v/30va) is working fine and I even had an extra transformer with the same voltage I installed and it made no difference. WiFi is strong (550/65). When I disconnected the Ring Pro I touched the two wires behind it together and the doorbell works fine. I installed a Ring 1st Gen at my other property directly to the wires just a few months later in October 2017 and have had no issues with that one. Not sure what to do here. I don’t want to spend another $250 if I don’t have to.

Have lost power also. No white light around the doorbell. Have had ring pro installed 1yr, no isssues. Stopped recording about 1 week ago - last reported voltage was “good”. Rebooted wifi, tested wifi at doorbell location with no issues. Went through wifi-reconnect routine but could not join the “ring” network as presribed by the app. No power, no juice. Cannot put into setup mode because its off. Firmware is up to date. What now?

UPDATE: Spoke to Ring support (800-656-1918), where they walked me through some test steps. Long story short - new replacement unit is needed, and is on its way.