ring pro mic issues

No audio when looking at ring videos, but works in live mode.

Hey @Cougar. Could you please show us a video recording that has no audio? In addition, you can check out our Ring Help Center Article here to troubleshoot poor audio quality.

It has somewhat resolved itself, however its still choppy sounding. I attached the latest file

@Cougar Thanks for sharing me that video! After watching (mostly listening) to it myself, it seems the audio is as it should be as well. I recommend for a real test of the audio to have someone come up to your Doorbell and talk to you through it to see if the audio is still choppy then. Since the Doorbell is in an enclosed area in front of your front door, sounds that are happening further out may not be picked up as well or may echo into the microphone in this enclosed area. Any cuts in and out of audio during seemingly “silent times” can seem choppy, as there is no real valuable sound to be picked up, so the Doorbell is attempting to cancel out the “background noise.” Hope this helps clear it up for you and glad you can hear the audio now! :slight_smile: