Ring Pro low Voltage all of a sudden started 7/31(Bad Audio before this)

Just wondering was there some kind of update for the Ring Pro this week? When I woke up yesterday 7/31 I was getting a message of low voltage for my Ring Pro. It was ranging in the high 3700MV to upper 3800mv range, but voltage was poor. This went one through out the day. Now today the warning are gone and I am staying the mid to high 3900mv range. I saw on reddit others where reporting the same issue yesterday with them having votage drops for no reason with their Pro, and with the issue starting in the early morning I was wondering if a update was pushed that caused it.

When I got my Ring about a year ago I had a lot of volatage issues, I had to have the V2 kit sent to me, and get a new 24V transformer. I finaly had to take my electronic doorbell offline and only use the V2 kit and Transformer to get things to work and I had to get Chimes for my house (do wish these had better volume) .

Yesterday with the issues I did find out that I can take out my tranformer by getting a Ring AC adaptor for my Ring Pro so I did order that since my front door is right over a plug in my basement where my low voltage lines run. I do not think this was out about a year ago when I had all my issues. I figure if I still have issues after the adaptor then I know it is all my doorbell.

Would voltage issues also be causing some of my audio issues? I have used the doorbell a couple times using my phone about about 50% of the time people at my door can hear me fine, but their audio to me is broken up. The other 50% of the time the audio is broken up on both sides. I know it is not a WIFI issue as my router is about 10 feet from my front door in the same room. When this has happened the volage was in green.

I like my doorbell a lot, but it just seems very touchy and just seems to have issues now and then that can’t be explained.

This defnitely sounds like a power/ wiring concern, in which the addition of the Plugin AC Adapter should certainly improve. There are quite a few variables in hardwiring, but some common causes of low voltage are thin wiring, cat5/6 wiring being used, old transformer, length of wire run, or even excessive events being triggered. However, we’ll be sure to take a look at the posts in Reddit to see if we can track down anything specific as well.

For now, check out this help center article on how to troubleshoot insufficient power concerns. Feel free to update us with the results from the addition of your new Plugin Adapter :slight_smile:

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Your issues are definitely not normal. The Ring Pro requires a stable voltage range to work properly. Once the voltage drops below a certain voltage you will experience what you already have. My voltage transformer doesn’t dip unless your house voltage fluctuates. Electronic chime is the very best away to go.

I installed the AC adaptor yesterday and I am a little disapointed, because my voltage only increased to about 4000mv. I have not tired to talk via it yet, but after seeing others with voltages in the 4500mv range now sure why mine is still a little lower.

Good to see the AC adapter has improved the consistency of sufficient voltage. For Ring Pro to function correctly, the voltage needs to be at least 3,900mV. If you are seeing device health readings of 4000mV and up then your Pro is receiving very dependable resources. If you have further questions or need to troubleshoot in more detail, give our support team a call anytime!

Hi Marley, tonight I noticed my volatge is dropping again to poor. It is show right at 3900 and below. I did have a person at my door today and when I went to go live from work I noticed the picture got pixilated after a few seconds and locked up. I thought it was maybe just something with my cell service, but now I am having that issue and poor volatage while using your AC adaptor.

Now my doorbell just went offline in the last 5min for no reason at all.

Hey @veener79 , sorry to hear about this happening to you. The power shown in your device health is definitely sufficient for operation, it should not be falling offline. At this point, I would recommend contacting our support team so they can take an in depth look at all symptoms and find you the best solution quickly.

Well I did a Chat last night and they did not know what the issue could be, so they advised me to call into support. I called into support today and they are stumped too. I was told it is being reveiwed by 2nd teer support, and that I would be sent a e-mail when it gets figured out.