Ring Pro Doorbell direct wire to transformer UK

If wiring a ring pro doorbell direct to a ransformer (no existing door bell) does the Pro Power Kit need to be fitted between the transformer and doorbell? If so does it matter cable order going into the pro power kit? I am confised by he red wire in the attached picture

Pro Wiring.docx (479 KB)

Hey @ Dudsongreen72. For more information on how to wire your Doorbell Pro, please check out our Help Center Article here. You can also find more wiring diagrams in this article here. Hope this helps!

Sorry, your response does not in any way answer my question, it only highlights the lack of information provided by Ring for my situation

Sorry about the confusion, @dudesongreen72! To clarify, yes our Pro Power Kit is required to be included in your wiring configuration when connecting the Doorbell Pro. If there is no chime kit (direct to transformer), you will want to use the Pro Power Kit’s bypass method, shown in the our help center article here. Please select the “direct to transformer” option for the proper instructional diagram. In this case, you may ignore the second Doorbell Pro in the diagram.

I hope this helps! If this does not resolve your concern, our support team is always available, and you can find their number here, to assist further. Feel free to keep us updated on the results. :slight_smile: