Ring Pro 2 will only ring once every minute

The doorbell will ring and chime and alert just fine on the first ring but if I try to ring again in the next 60 seconds it does nothing, if I don’t have my phone nearby or don’t hear the first chime whoever’s at the door will just walk away as the bell will not respond at all to any further rings. I’ve read on other threads that if you set video recording length lower it will reduce the time interval but I don’t have an option lower than 50 seconds.

This is insane for a £250 doorbell that can’t be rung twice inside a minute!

Are there any solutions? I’ve been through the settings inside and out but can’t see anything.

Hi @Tufty. This is correct. As mentioned in other threads, this is by design. The Doorbell will only record once per recording event. After the event is over, you can press the Doorbell button again to start a new event.

It’s not the number of recording events which is the issue, as has been pointed out in other threads, it is the number of physical doorbell rings that is the problem. I’f I’m not by my phone or miss the chime the caller will be pushing the bell for a second or third time and get no response and will walk away. I don’t see why the bel cannot ring multiple times within a single recording event, as I say it’s a £250 bell it should be able to function as a doorbell at the very least.