Ring pro 2 bypass chime

I installed my ring pro 2, however following install I discovered my current Emerson chime is a relic, not on either list c8230, and not compatible. I’m ok with using a ring chime instead. However, I’m wondering if I should/could bypass the current chime. I’ve read one post on here that says to delete the device, remove the v3 power pack and then twist the 2 wires on the chime together to complete circuit. I’m a newbie to all this, so please verify that that means the 2 wires in the chime, where v3 power pack also connects, and that this’ll work.
Or should i return it and downgrade to pro?
I know i could get a new doorbell chime. But i dont want to sink anymore $$ into this. A ring chime and Alexa (already owned) are cheaper and less time consuming!

Hi @user17933. I responded with some information on bypassing your chime kit in your other post, as the other post you read is correct regarding the bypass process. I’ll link that here as well in case any other neighbors come to this post with a similar question.