Ring Pro 2 and Doorbell going off line after a few days of power

I have a hardwired mechanical doorbell with the Pro Power Kit added to it to run a Ring Pro 2 video door bell. When I test it, it acts like the breaker is tripped. ( but it is not) the door bell does not work and the Ring is offline (not getting power).

Flipping the breaker does not restore power.
I have to remove the Pro Power Kit and turn the breaker off for an hour, then do a fresh reinstall of the Pro Power Kit to restore activity. But then it goes out again after a few days.

Any suggestions on more permanent fix?
Or does Ring have a doorbell with transformer I could install in the same spot with the existing wiring? ( not a separate 120 outlet)

Of course this is at a rental property in an other state, so remote actions or simple things the renter can do would be best. Onsite work has to be schedule months in advance.

You’ve done a great job to eliminate many variables here, in which the Video Doorbell Pro not powering up might indeed be a transformer issue. We do have a transformer available for the Pro 2 on Ring.com. I recommend also checking out this Help Center article about wire gauge, just to be sure the wiring used is delivering a proper voltage. :slight_smile: