Ring pir sensor as cat doorbell?

Hello all,
I have a cat that refuses to use the cat flap (scared), but likes to use the bedroom window instead (balcony window).
As temperatures drop in the winter, I want to close the window but get a notification that the cat is at the window.
I currently have a pet doorbell, but the chime is very unreliable (light flashes, but no sound sometimes).
The PIR sensor is stuck on the outside of the window pointing down, so the cat should be clearly visible to the pir, but the sensor is out on the rain.
I would like to use a PIR from Ring, either from the lighting or the alarm section, to trigger a sound using the 2 chimes in my house.
I am unfortunately not able to get the outdoor motion sensor in the Netherlands:
(This item does not ship your region).
Also: the idea is for the chimes to give a reminder, but not have any sort of major alarm go off.
Does anyone have any idea how I could accomplish this?
I don’t mind buying the bridge and sensor, I just want to know how I can do that.