Ring Pathlights need Basic Settings at the Group level

BACKGROUND : You buy some Ring Pathlights thinking it’ll be great to line your driveway or some walkway. Realistically you buy several units (for example I have 8 and I’d really like more if they werent so expensive). You line your space and you add them all to a light group so they can easily be controlled. I can imagine some people have a dozen or two dozen or more.

Since you’re playing with the setup you realize you want to modify the schedule you created for the lights - lets say you have them come on at dusk and stay on for 4 hours. But now you want to reduce that time to 3 hours because you dont need them on so late and want to conserve battery power. Or maybe as the seasons change you realize you want more or less light brightness

PROBLEM : Well guess what, you have to edit a light schedule for EACH LIGHT and change the SAME EXACT SETTING for however many lights you have. I have 8 lights and it’s annoying, I can only imagine for people that have more. And if you want to adjust the brightness? That’s a different section and you again have to MODIFY IT FOR EACH LIGHT.

SUGGESTION : (1) The light group itself should have ONE SCHEDULE that you created instead of converting it into one per device. (2) The light group itself should have ONE BRIGHTNESS setting instead of manually having to change on each light device.

BONUS ISSUE : The Ring App implies that for schedules you can modify the default brightness value as well as the brightness when motion is triggered. But I’ve never seen such a setting, there’s only the device brightness (when motion is triggered).

I cannot agree more on the default brightness comment. I don’t see a control for this any where either. The out of the box setting is dimmer than I desire. There needs to be one setting for their “non-motion” setting, and another for motion. I was disappointed to find they don’t have this functionality after purchasing four of them.