Ring Pathlights Do NOT See Ring Bridge, ONLY Echo Show 10

New construction home and went heavy with Ring products. Have a Ring Bridge with six (6) wired floodlights and three steplights connected and grouped. All work wonderfully. When adding four pathlights, they will ONLY see my Echo Show 10’s bridge and connect to it. Even when I remove the light, disconnect the Echo Show 10, and try to reinstall so it will ONLY see/connect to the Ring Bridge, it is NOT seeing the Ring Bridge.

What do you recommend I try next? Is simply removing the Ring Bridge and adding it back going to do anything or do I need to reset the bridge, too? Any other things to try?

(I wouldn’t be worried about devices being on different bridges (Floodlights and Steplights on Ring Bridge and Pathlights on Echo Show 10 Bridge), but even though the pathlights can be grouped with devices on the Ring Bridge, when they are set to all turn on when one of the devices on the Ring Bridge detects motion, they do not. I clearly need to have all of the grouped devices on the same bridge for that functionality to work properly.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey there, @RonH2K. We appreciate you sharing this experience in great detail. It looks like you are following the correct steps for this to work as intended.

We’ve shared your feedback with our teams here, and it is recommended to attempt linking the Pathlights to a Light Group of Smart Lights that are connected to the Echo Show 10.

This will be best done by creating a common Group with all the Smart Lighting devices you would like to work together, that are connected to the Echo Show 10. Next, visit the Pathlights individually in the Ring app. While viewing each Pathlight, tap “Linked Devices”, and link it to the Group created and connected to the Echo Show. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I cannot thank everyone at Ring Support for their FAST and THOROUGH assistance! Jennifer, Ryan, and @Marley_Ring , you rock! The suggested workaround has gotten me to the desired behavior until a more seamless fix can be implemented! Thank you, again!