Ring Pathlight Bridge with Ubiquity PoE

Before we moved, I had a Ring doorbell, chime and pathlights with bridge, that all worked perfectly.

After moving, I now have a wireless extender, power over ethernet (PoE). Ubiquity models. Unifi Switch 8 (US-8) and Unifi extender.

The doorbell and chime connected immediately, but not the bridge. All the bridge would connect to is my phone hotspot. After spending hours on the phone with support (who were ALL great [Yonathan]), even trying a new bridge, it still would not connect with my wifi.

Finally got the chance to disconnect the wireless extender from the PoE port and the bridge immediately connected to wifi. Once attached to wifi, reconnected the wireless extender, and so far, so good.

Just wanted to share with Ring users (and Century Link and Uxari support).

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Hi @bscans. Thanks for sharing your experience! Iā€™m sure this will help others as well!