Ring Outdoor Stickup Cam and Solar Panel

I bought two solar outdoor ring cameras with solar panels. The battery was fully charged and the solar panels were plugged in. It was set in battery mode. About a week or so, it was telling if I wanted to go to wired mode? I thought that maybe if the solar panel was plugged in, maybe it considered that wired mode. So I switched them to wired mode and decided to do a little bit more with the ring. I decided to change it to taking snapshots, with 30 seconds. Figures that it would be ok, because it was in “wired mode” and that it was having constant supply of sunlight to keep the batter charged. Well that didnt last long. Withing 24 hours it went from 100% battery to about 6 percent. I decided to take off snap shops from 30 seconds and changed it to 5 minutes. We have had full son yesterday, and I thought it was working because the incon showed green which I thought meant it was charging. Well that didnt happen. I checked it this morning, and it shows the battery at 0%.

What is the deal? The solar power does not charge it very much? How much can someone expect a battery to powered in the day with full sun. Does the solar panel plugged in not really considered “wired mode”? Any feedback would could be appreciated. Thank you.


Just anohter piece of informaiton. Looks like the solar panel does not have enough power to run the cam without the battery in. What good is the solar panel if it does not have the power to charge the battery, or to run the camera without the battery (while you take the battery into the house to be charged)? And if you have a solar panel, why would the app even give it an option to be changed from battery mode to wired mode.

Hey @XXWINKXX. Thank you for bringing up this concern and detailing your findings from what you have tried! When you have the Stick Up Cam setup to be powered from a solar panel, that solar panel will provide about a 10% trickle charge into the battery every day if the panel is getting about 4 hours or more of direct sunlight. With this in mind, it’s highly encouraged and suggested that you keep the battery in the Stick Up Cam at all times.

The feature that you were given, where you can pick from Wired or Battery powered is a new feature we have release for the Stick Up Cam when there is another power source recognized or available. Therefore, you got this option for the Stick Up Cam, but since you have it powered with solar, I recommend to keep this setting on Battery > Wired. This will ensure that the solar panel is still charging the battery properly and helping keep the device charged. In addition, the Snapshot Capture will drain your battery more, but it should not do so significantly if you are on the 14 minute or 1 hour option. I do this for my battery powered Doorbell and do not see too much of a negative effect on it. You can do the 5 minute option or lower, but this will drain your battery faster than the other two.

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Thanks for the update, this has been driving me nuts as the Ring reduced itself to 24-48 hours before the battery died (no snapshots taken).

I’ve had the same issue. Ring App has asked to change to wired mode which I have done and battery has drained in a day. That’s without asking for extra snap shots or anything like that. I don’t see how it drains the battery so quick in wired mode compared to battery mode.

The same exact thing happened to me. After I reconfigured it, the battery was running dead overnight. Now I can’t reconfigure it back. It never goes past joining the Ring Network. That doesn’t come up at all. Right now I have a very expensive paperweight. Ring won’t answer.

I understand your explanation. I, like the other posters here, wired up two stick up cams with solar panels and received the message that my product is wired and I could switch its power source status. Like the others I did this because obviously the ring device recognizes the solar panel is just that and not 120v, no, my product batteries drained immediately and I was getting back up on the ladder to change the power source back to battery - power outlet (which is confusing nomenclature for solar panel). Now, every few times I get back into the device settings I’m greeted with an offer to switch to wired power. It’s my understanding some ring devices recognize solar panels, any reason this one doesn’t and constantly asks me to change to a power source setting that isn’t connected to the device. Couldn’t I just have an option to tell the device, battery - Solar panel…