Ring outdoor siren hardwire

Hi everyone,

My electrician tried to hardwire my Ring outdoor siren using this transformer https://www.screwfix.com/p/british-general-fortress-8-24v-ac-8va-bell-transformer-module/8707P. We get 12V in the siren, but it doesn’t work. We tried two different sirens and still doesn’t work.

Has anyone managed to hardwire the Ring outdoor siren with a transformer and what transformer did they use? Any recommendation is really appreciated.

I am not looking for the Plug-In Adapter since access to a socket is difficult and the wiring is already done.

I’m looking to do the same thing, did you or your electrician find a solution. I was thinking of using a transformer down downlights as I’m going to take my power supply from loft.

I would of used a ring adapter for ease but 1 they are not in stock and 2 they are not needed. I think that’s why ring don’t give to much information over about hardwiring.

Hi neighbors! The information we have on how to hardwire your Ring Outdoor Siren can be found in our Help Center Article here. The Outdoor Siren’s hardwire terminal block supports 9–28V, 12W DC power input and 22–16AWG gauge wire.

  • Do not apply DC power above or below 9–28V, 12W
  • Do not apply AC power
  • Do not use wire gauge above or below 22–16AWG

Consulting a qualified electrician and ensuring that these hardware requirements are met should do the trick for you. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

The doorbell power supply you link to is AC, you need DC for the siren. I use a low voltage spotlight transformer of 12V DC 12 watts (1A).

Do you mind linking me to this please? I can’t find a transformer that suits the siren

I used this one, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it outputs DC voltage of 9 to 28 volts at a minimum of 12 watts: