Ring NVR Plug

what would be good if they was a smail unit where we can see all our plug ring camera but it would have Three HDMI port

one for input from a sky box or a virgin media box HDMI out port with to link it to the TV is would mean we can be wacthing TV in the setting of the unit is someone press the ring door bell or someone go pass a Canera it would shown up on the main tv in the Bottom rigth of the TV who at the door or go pass the camea to cloesed the box on the ring Remote they with be a C button was will Cloesed the box so we can carry on wacth TV

HDMI out prt three would be for a 2nd monitor where we can see all the Ring driver on one monitor

SD area so the NVR can reorder to the SD card as a 2nd backup