Ring not remembering my PC's for logging in

Every time I long in with either of my computers using Chrome I have to do the 2nd step of getting a code sent to me. Every time ring says I am logging in from a new device even though I am using the same device. This happens even if my log in’s are 5min apart. I am only having this issue with Ring and I am wondering why.

Hi @veener79. Have you ensured you clicked the “Remember this PC/Device” when logging into Ring.com? The Community site will time out after awhile of inactivity, which will require a new code every time, but the Ring.com website just has this remembering device feature added when selected when logging in. If you have any browser settings that delete your cookies and cache as well as log-in’s saved, you may also run into this issue, as it’s on the browser’s end, not the Ring side of things.

I was looking for a fix for when I log into the comunity site. I do not understand why only the comunity page can’t remember your device.

Hi @veener79. The “Remember this PC/Device” is not a feature on the Ring Community site. It is only on Ring.com. The Ring Community site will time out after a period of inactivity and you will need to login again.