Ring Newbie needs some help

I just bought and set up a Ring Stick Up Cam (wired/plug in).

Previously I had an Arlo cam that I was not happy with. The differences between these cameras are actually a little tough to get used to and I have some questions and have found conflicting info during my research.

For the Stickup Cam, am I unable to change the distance for the motion zones? Right now it just lets me turn on or off specific zones, but doesn’t let me increase or decrease the distance in those zones.

Also, I thought these cameras had color night vision? My father has the same cameras and his night vision shows up in color. Even when my outside lights are on, mine are in black and white - is there a way to toggle this, or maybe my outside lights just aren’t bright enough?

My Arlo cam had audio in the video recordings (extremely clear and loud as if you were physically standing outside). So far, all my recordings with the Stickup Cam have no audio.


Hey @m15hie. When you are trying to change the distance for these motion zones, the distance will be dependant on how you have the MIN to MAX slider positioned. While you will not see the Live View, on the second step of adjusting your Motion Zones is when you will adjust this distance to closer (min) and further (max).

For the colored night vision, this is only on our hardwired devices. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here. While the Stick Up Cam Plug-in that you have is a wired device, it is a battery operated device, as the wiring setup keeping the device charged and online, but has the option to put in a battery if you wished to not have it hardwired. Therefore, it will have motion detection similar to the battery operated devices and not have the colored night vision. The Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd Generation) will have the colored night vision. To have a clearer picture in black and white, I do recommend additional lighting if you can add it in, as the clearer the picture, the better!

When it comes to the audio, could you try capturing a Live View of you talking through it, as well as someone on the other side, near the device, talking to you? This will be the best true test for how the audio is, as the device is more keen on picking up audio the closer activity is to it. Let me know how that goes!

Hi Chelsea, that all makes sense, thank you!

I have run the audio test you suggested. Audio coming out of the camera is great, but it’s really difficult to hear any audio coming into the camera unless the person outside was within 1 or 2 feet. But the video and motion detection is what’s most important to me.

Since this camera does not have customizable motion zones (other than the on/off settings), we have moved the camera to make sure it covers everything we need it to and so far it’s much better.

Thanks again!

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