Ring Neighbors App Showing Incorrect Address and Cannot Update

I am writing in regards to the Neighbors app that I tried to utilize for the first time last night. I downloaded the app from Ring (which I have an account with for our doorbell device) and signed in to the Neighbors app via the Ring app. However, when I clicked on the “Incident Map”, it was showing the map for a location that I am not familiar with. When I went into the settings and tried to change the address, it stated that the incorrect address was linked to my Ring account and I needed to remove it from my Ring account. However, when I went to our Ring account and looked at the addresses we have on file, the only address listed is our correct address and the incorrect address is not listed. Therefore, I am unable to remove the wrong address from the Neighbors app or enter in the correct address…. And am not sure why or how the wrong home address is even associated with my account. I do not know that address or anyone that resides there….

I attempted to call the Ring tech support and they walked me through several steps to try to correct the matter…. Deleting the app, redownloading, disabling app, reenabling it, shutting down phone and restarting…. None of these things remedied the situation. Tech support then asked that I email neighbors@ring.com to explain the issue and that the case would be escalated so it would be addressed and fixed.

Is anyone else having this issue? I need this issue to be resolved so that I am able to check the status and make reports as to what is happening in my actual neighborhood.


I am having the same issue, however the error is only in the house number. I am 2043 and the neighbors app (including the Neighbors area inside the Ring app itself) both show 2134. This is a house across the street from me. My fear is that I pay for professional monitoring and the address provided to first responders will be the incorrect one. Did you ever get this resolved?

I’m having the same issue. I too contacted support, over the phone and via chat, twice each. In both instances the support person gave me instructions to uninstall and reinstall. It did not work anytime. My account is correct with my correct address in the ring.com app, but when I go to the neighbor’s section of the app it shows a random address three and a half miles away. It will not let me edit my address for neighbors.

I submitted an email to that email address as well, to escalate the issue, but haven’t heard back in a couple of days. The only thing I can do is I created a second ring.com account under a different email, I removed the neighbor’s section of the ring app, installed the separate neighbors app, and log into that one with the second email address.

Would love a permanent resolution! I kept getting a notifications on neighbors about gunshots or arrests, but it was for a neighborhood three and a half miles away. When I manually look on the map, there are no reports of any such incidents in my neighborhood at all. It would be really nice and super helpful to actually get alerts that are relevant to my physical location

7 months later and still no fix or reply from Ring… awesome