Ring Neighborhood

I’m curious.

In your local area… are Ring Neighborhood threads often overrun with posts by:

  • Mean-spirited trolls who ask inappropriate questions, make mean-spirited comments, blame the victim, and/or bully other posters?

  • Posters who continue to post (unfunny, inappropriate) “jokes” that have nothing to do with the thread?

  • Posters who exaggerate and/or lie about the facts of the incident (just to get attention)

In my area, it’s often difficult to find any worthwhile posts in some threads because so many of the posts are either inappropriate and/or mean-spirited.

It doesn’t seem to matter how serious the topic is and/or how many serious felonies are associated with the incident. For example, I happened to see a thread (that was overrun by troublemakers) in one geographical area which was associated with a news story that listed:

  • a stolen vehicle
  • a (dangerous) high speed police chase
  • suspicion of kidnapping
  • suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon
  • suspicion of making criminal threats
  • a stolen vehicle left running but unoccupied
  • a swat team deployment
  • a drone deployment by police
  • evacuation of neighboring units
  • an hours-long police standoff
  • officers firing less-than-lethal rounds to break the windows of the residence
  • an AR-15 style firearm (with no serial number) found in the apartment
  • two handguns found in the apartment
  • prior outstanding warrants

In what alternate universe would the posting of inappropriate comments in this thread be acceptable? Presumably, people who live and/or work in the area are concerned with their own safety and the safety of others… and have no desire to have their time wasted by selfish, mean-spirited people who are looking for attention. (Sadly, most of the posts in the above-mentioned thread were inappropriate, unhelpful, and/or mean-spirited.)

Hi @Frustrated427. Thank you for your feedback about the Neighbors app. It is important to note, that the Ring Community and the Neighbors app, are two separate entities. If there is a post that you feel is inappropriate, or comments that don’t add value, you can “Report” it by tapping the “…” in the upper corner of the post/comment.

Of course, you’re welcome to follow up with the Neighbors App team directly, as we here at the Community won’t have any information on posts on the Neighbors App. You can send an email to communityalerts@ring.com and provide:

  1. The email address associated with your Neighbors app account.
  2. The reason for the inquiry.
  3. Any additional information that may help facilitate the resolution of the inquiry (e.g. screenshots of the posts or comments in question).

Reaching out to the Neighbors App team via that email directly is the best way to receive additional clarification on what type of information you can share on the Neighbors App.