Ring Neighborhood App (Security Risk)

In the latest example of (seriously offensive) behavior by the Ring Marketing team… I noticed that the Ring Neighborhood app now lists the source of the video clip underneath the video clip.

For example:

  • “Recorded on a Ring [insert name of product]” or
  • “Uploaded from a Mobile Device”

Worse yet, there is an icon to the right of this information which, if pressed, displays a marketing page for the Ring product as well as a large “VIEW ON AMAZON” button.

If someone decides to post a video clip on the Ring Neighborhood app… does a huge pop-up appear warning them that people and property will be placed at an unnecessary, enhanced risk if they do, indeed, decide to post a video clip? Do you explain that you intend to post the manufacturer and model name of the product under the video clip, if it is a Ring product? Can the user easily “opt out” of the information being shared?

This is obviously totally inexcusable. Even if someone walked past a home and happened to notice one or more security devices, it doesn’t mean they would:

  • Necessarily know it was a security device and/or
  • Know the manufacturer, model number, specifications, product limitations, etc.

In fact, I suspect that even most Ring customers would not necessary know the manufacturer and model name of most Ring products – even if they own a number of Ring products. I also suspect that the same would be true for most Ring employees (and third party “service providers”).

By publishing this information, Ring is recklessly placing people and property at risk due to sheer corporate greed.

Ring management… have you no shame?