RING needs to fire whoever is deciding what gets posted on the Neighbors site in Brevard County, FL.

They’re obviously very bigoted!! They will post things that are completely not a crime from a black or brown person, but I’ve caught white people actually breaking the law before, and they don’t post it. I know Amazon just bought them a couple years ago, my guess is they’re unaware of the obvious discrimination by their employees whoever they’re…

Hi @Jcr3227 – If you are having concerns specific to the Neighbors by Ring app, you are able to flag comments or posts you deem as inappropriate, or are not following Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to the Neighbors moderation team for a secondary review. The Neighbors app also features various alert types in which a shared event should match the criteria of. This will ensure for accurate and priority events to be seen around the neighborhood. Learn more about Neighbors App.

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