Ring / MyQ Integration for Garage Door not working

I am trying to add my garage door to the Ring App. I have found several instructions (both on Ring.com & the MyQ website) but nothing seems to work as described. In the Ring app, I have no shortcut for adding a Garage Door Opener and Garage Door Openers do not appear as an option in Setup a Device.
If I select Works with Ring in the MyQ app, it takes me to an error screen in the Ring App (attached). Anyone run into this?

In the Ring app, click on the Garage shortcut and follow the prompts to add MyQ. If the shortcut isn’t there then click on the Edit shortcut and add it.

Hey @TimRCanada. It looks like neighbors in this thread here were also having this issue. Check out the troubleshooting steps that they’ve done to see if it will work for you. I was able to find this thread using the search feature in the Community. I hope this helps!

This appears to be an issue because I am located in Canada. Apparently (from reading other posts), the Canadian version of the app does not support the garage shortcut…which makes absolutely ZERO sense to me.

You’ll need to reach out to Chamberlain and ask them why the restriction.