Ring Motion Sensors (Gen 2)

Have the motion detection problems associated with the Ring Motion Sensors (2nd Gen) been solved?

If so, were they solved by:

  • Firmware update(s)
  • Hardware changes (by design engineers)
  • Other

If the hardware itself was changed… how can you tell if a particular manufacturer box contains the latest version?

Are the Ring Motion Sensor (1st Gen) devices still being sold (in new, factory-sealed boxes) at any major brick-and-mortar retailers – or have stores long-since cleared the shelves to make room for the newer ones?

Hi @Frustrated427. Can you clarify what motion detection problems you’re having with the Ring Motion Sensors (2nd Gen)? Is there a particular feature that isn’t working, or a particular concern with the motion detection that you’re experiencing? I’d be happy to try and help once I have a bit more information about what you’re dealing with. :slight_smile: