RIng Motion Detection & Live on Alexa

I have set-up my ring indoor camera in the Alexa app, one of the options is for the Alexa to announce when motion detected and on my echo spot go to live view - at least that is how I interpret the option in the Alexa app (see screen shot).

I get the motion announcements ok, but it doesnt go to live view unless i tell Alexa to display it - Can I check if that is how it is meant to work?

I am thinking of replacing my Nest Hello with the Video Doorbell 3 Plus when it comes out, this is one of the options I am hoping would work, particuraly if someone rings the bell…

Hope that makes sense

Hey @Tinbun73. For the Indoor Cam, Alexa is only supported in the feature to pull up the Live View on demand, but not to automatically show what motion is happening when motion is detected. Although, Alexa just allowed the Ring Doorbell to automatically pull up and show the Live View when the button is pressed! Therefore, you will get this feature on the new Ring Video Doorbell 3, but not for the Indoor Cam. You can learn more about this and how to enable it in the Reddit post here.

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Should this work for everyone? I’ve got an echo, echo dot and echo show. I get an announcement but no video is displayed on the show when the doorbell is pressed