Ring Motion Detected Too Slow

Hey team,

I’ve noticed that my Motion Detected notification that directs me to the app is extremely slow to load. I’ve read other threads and checked my Device Health (RSSI -44), and don’t think this is the issue. Additionally, I’m very close to my router as is my doorbell, and don’t have any signal issues. I also have noticed that if I click the ‘Motion Detected’ notification, it prompts me to the app, and instead of waiting for this to load, if I go Live, it loads immediately - it’s just the Motion Detected piece.

I’ve read about the Rapid Ring app, but this is super limited in functionality, and don’t find this to be extremely useful (managing two apps is quite simply not worth the hassle). What can I do about getting the speed to load? I’m worried that if an intruder is at my door at motion is detected, it’ll be too late by the time the video loads, defeating the purpose.


Hi @mkingsle. A few things that I can suggest here. First, make sure the OS on your phone is up to date, as well as the Ring app. Next, make sure that your Location is turned on and that your phone isn’t overloaded with apps running in the background. Also, try testing this on wifi only as well as cellular data only, to see which one works best.

As far as the Rapid Ring app is concerned, I’ve configured my phone to only get notifications from the Rapid Ring app, and not the Ring app. This way, when I answer a notification, it opens up the Rapid Ring app, which is much faster for Live View. I hope this information helps!