Ring Modes Issues

I am having an issue that Ring have stated seems to be a Ring side issue. I want to see if anyone else is having the same problems …

I have the modes feature enabled and shared between two of us using separate ring accounts and iphones.

Say I put the cameras in Away mode in the iphone app which activates a couple of my cameras for motion and recording. If my wife comes home and opens her app on her phone to put the cameras in Home mode it already shows home mode for her in her app and is not refreshing the modes status. And it does the same thing the other way around if my wife puts the cameras in Away mode and I come home it shows home mode.

I have found that If I swipe the app off and force close it and reopen it then it refreshes the modes and shows the correct mode it is in. But when the app is running in the background it is not refreshing the modes status when it changes. Background refresh is enabled in the iphone settings for the Ring app.

I have worked through all trouble shooting steps with Ring support and removed the apps on both devices and re signed into accounts etc and it has not fixed it,

Ring support have stated after all this it seems to be a ring side issue but no timeframe when it will be resolved. It is super frustrating and poor that it has already been 3 weeks and no solution. I cannot use the modes feature properly !