Ring Mobile App Should Have App Lock For Alarm Security - Either Pin or Fingerprint

With the recent push from ring of the ring alarm, you would have thought that the access to the app on the mobile would be behind a login each time you want to open it, much like a bank account app, or even other smart alarm apps.

Currently, to access the app, all you have to do is open the app - The person would then have access to the full dashboard, including all cameras, doorbells and full access to the alarm to disarm with no question, and to make things worse, the full address is displayed top left!

I get that the app is designed to quickly open to access a ring doorbell, however it should also be sufficiently secure for an alarm system, which currently it is not. It could also be argued that the phone should be locked, however there are known ways around this, including if the phone was robbed while unlocked.

What it should have is a fingerprint scan to open the app, supported by a backup of a pin - And this be something that can be optionally turned on in the app settings, so that those who do not want this, and rather have the quick access can also have that.

Failing the above, it should require some pin, or fingerprint on the app when you select “disarm” this way it would be secure, provide that extra layer of protection, and still be fully usable for all.

I also do not get why the ring app displays the full address top left, it seems rather pointless - I know where I live/where the cameras/alarm is setup?

I’m all for security, but I use my phone’s built in fingerprint/pin security to unlock my phone especially since I never ever let anyone, other than myself, use my phone.
Some versions of Android out there allow for a “secure app” area already that you could use. I can’t say if iOS (don’t use it) has similar or not.