Ring Light Group - Cannot Add a Device

I’m trying to setup a Ring Light Group. Settings seem easy enough, I have two Floodlight Cams and would like them to be in the same group. I can add one to the group with no problem. The second light gives me an error of “Alert - Could not save settings”

Is this happening to anyone else?

Hi there, @bacarri. Could you try deleting your Ring app, rebooting your phone (turning it off/on) and then reinstalling the app? After doing this, try to move the other camera over to your Light Group, and see if it saves! If this persists, try deleting that Light Group, and making a new one completely. Move over both cameras (move over the one having issues first to see if it’s camera specific or maybe just having two in one Group), then the corresponding lights that should also be in that Group, and see if that helps!

I was having issues adding a device and relized that all devices have to be on the same wifi network as I have a guest one and regular one. once I changed to all the same it synced up

Thanks but no luck. The solution you sent does not work.