Ring + Level Bolt Lock

Ring says Level Bolt Lock is compatible with Ring security, but after installing and going through all the steps you will be surprised to know this incorrect!!! Ring limits you from adding the lock to the App until you purchase a Ring Doorbell Camera!!! I could not understand whom would make a stuipd decision like this!!!

I only want to add the lock on the backdoor, and don’t want to put a doorbell camera on the backdoor, this is totally outrageous!!! If I go with another security system eg HomeKit, I would not have this kind of idiotic limitation!

I would like this limitation removed so we can fully integrate with Ring security.

Thank you

Hi @Adaff. You can access your Level Bolt and Level Touch functions inside the Ring app by linking your Level app with your compatible Ring Video Doorbell Pro. We have more information on the compatibility with the Video Doorbell Pro in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up, and thank you for sharing your feedback on this integration. I’ll be sure to pass this along to our team. :slight_smile: