Ring Killing Desktop APP. Web APP Stinks So Far

It took some doing but I have the APP running perfectly on Windows.

So far it s*cks on the Web APP. I get the cameras to show live view about 30% of the time on a naked (no extensions) install of Chrome.

No, it’s not my WiFi. That works perfectly with good RSSI and speeds in the 114 Mbps range. No it’s not my Internet in general which measures +200Mbps.

My closest Ring device (doorbell) is about 5 feet from the router and the computer is even closer. It’s coming up as sporadically as all my other Ring devices.

Works perfectly in the iPhone APP as well as the desktop APP.

So yes, It’s the Web APP

I certainly hope that it will be improved before the September deadline when, apparently, we will be “logged out of the app.”

At the very least let those of us all ready using it to continue and simply not allow new downloads/logins.

Not the least of which my default and well secured browser is Firefox which isn’t even supported.

Why to take something that works and break it Ring!!!

Not Happy

Edit: Just tested. Same result in Edge.


Yes, same here. I’ve started using ring.com in my browser (Edge) and Live View simply doesn’t work! Works fine from the Android app on my phone.


i have the same exact issue. different answers from different customer service channels. one says it’s rolling out. the other insists it should work. ring seems to be quite the mess.


Glad to have confirmation that it’s not just me.

Ring Team, care to respond?

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Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the Live View on Ring.com. I have made sure to pass this feedback along to my team, and in the meantime I’m happy to offer some helpful suggestions regarding any Live View performance concerns you’re having. The best place to start with Live View concerns is our Community Post on the topic here. I’d recommend running through those tips and tricks, and if this concern persists, you can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I am also an extensive user of the Ring PC desktop app as I work on the PC most of the time during the day. Now away you go replacing a perfectly adequate PC app with your browser app that has no apparent way to generate a notification on the PC. What the hell is wrong with you guys? I bought two ring devices BECAUSE I could use the desktop app - now you are tossing it out!

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Did you read my post? Do you know the troubleshooting tips in your ‘helpful’ links? Because I addressed those steps in the body of my post and what steps I have taken to rule out a technical problem on my end. The problem is with the Web app.

While Ring products are well made and well implemented, boiler plate responses that say “sorry, here’s some links,” isn’t support it’s placation.

Nothing against you personally. You can only utilize the tools you’re given.

The people who are responsible for the level of service and support after the sale need to remember who’s paying the bills. They need to start actually listening to what their users are saying instead of ‘handling’ them.

These products are expensive and by their very nature require a level of support after the sale . Dropping the ball on that support is probably not a sustainable business model.

The desktop app was also one of the main selling points for me to even get into the whole Ring ecosystem. I am on my computer all day so it is extremely convenient. I don’t always have my browser open though and I don’t plan on it.

It baffles me why companies take the things that work really well for them and for their users and try to fix what is not broken or even worse… get rid of them altogether.

Ring, please reconsider this decision.

When you try to manage (specifically DELETE) videos from the History of the WEB APP, the Web App will NOT allow selection of more than 10 videos, even when you click the Select All option. Once you delete video, you must go back to the Web App home page to refresh the video list and go through the same process. This is BS! The listing of videos is nothing more than a list of videos based upon your account and all of this is in a database of links. Come on RING, even though your Windows Ring App had issues with this same thing (couldn’t select more than 50 videos), this can’t be a really difficult fix. Marking a record in a web-based database for deletion is a piece of cake. Selecting all is even easier. Ring needs to fix this issue once and for all. This apparently continuing issue continues to baffle me as to why?

Still waiting for any kind of response from Ring on this issues. 4-September now. About to be forcibly signed out of the Ring Windows app and there is no working alternative. The Web App SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.

Is anyone at Ring going to address this problem?

Before sending me the ‘helpful links’ again please do me the courtesy of reading what I’ve already written in my posts,

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The web browser solution is vastly inferior to the desktop app for me. With the app, it can be left in live view, which ultimately times out, but then reconnects automatically when motion is detected. With the browser approach, using Chrome on MacOS, I am constantly having to log back in, taking 15-20 seconds to display my camera every time, and requiring me to interact with it or display nothing: there is nothing automatic about the process. This is a significant downgrade.

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Hey neighbors. We appreciate the feedback that you have provided to us here and over the past weeks in regards to the discontinuation of the desktop app. Please read our Community Announcement about the Ring Desktop App Discontinuation here, and we would appreciate if you added all further comments, feedback and follow up in regards to the topic in that announcement topic so that we can pass along additional information from our neighbors, directly to our team. Thank you, neighbors!

I will be marking this post as the solution to this topic, in order for neighbors to find this information in full easily and to then provide additional feedback in the right channel.

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Agreed 100%. Ring: Please do NOT kill the desktop app.