Ring keypad and contact sensor

I cant connect my keypad and contact sensor to my base…did ring a another setup for that?

Hi @user10303. Can you share some more information on what happens when you try to setup your Keypad or Contact Sensor? Are you receiving a specific type of error message, or what part of the setup are you getting stuck on? Feel free to share any screenshots to demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end.

Umm my ring base not coñnect to my phone…can you fix it…sorry I can share photo because i use laptop

Hi @user10303. You should be able to open the Ring app and select the Base Station, then “Add A New Device”. This will allow you to select which device you are adding to the Base Station. If these devices came in part of a kit, you can just peel the battery tab out for them to start connecting to the Base Station. Please note, this has to be done from a phone or tablet and not a laptop.