Ring Indoor sensors

Have installed Ring glass break sensors and Door open/close sensors. Have Ring Protect. In the event any of those alarm (I’ve tested), I get an audible alarm on the Ring Base. I get NOTHING on my cell - no audible alarm. No SMS. Not what I expected.

In the Ring app (android), I have Alarm Alerts ON. I get notifications if an outdoor camera detects motion. I get an audible/SMS notification. What am I missing.

Read somewhere, if my door is opened, I can set a rule to automatically lock it after 10 minutes. I have a Schlage smart lock. Is that correct. Can I set rules for ANY Ring indoor sensor. If so, how?

I’m not Ring, so what do I know. For now see if this gets you headed in the correct direction:

Getting Emergency Alerts in Do Not Disturb Mode – Ring Help

Aso to auto-locking one considerion tis to see what your smart device routines have. I can see four directions you might consider: 1) Does the Schlage have such a smart routine? 2) If not, but it at least has a “lock on command” function you could see what your Alexa/Google allowed. 3) If not take a look at I?FTT, and 4) Otherwise see what Samsung Smart Things can do for you.

I know, not direct answers, but I’ve come to accept in the Ring world we don’t get many of those anyway. Hopefully I’ve pointed you in useful directions.


Hi @requiredusername. You should receive push notifications when your Ring Alarm system is alarming. In the Ring app, tap the menu in the top left > Settings > Alert Settings > Alarm and switch the toggle at the top to Push to adjust your push notifications. From here, you can control all of your alert options for the Ring Alarm system. If you are not receiving push notifications despite your settings, please review the troubleshooting steps in this Community post.

As for the Schlage lock, any automatic locking features would be on the Schlage side specifically as this is not a feature on the Ring app. I’d suggest reviewing what settings and features are available in the Schlage app for the specific model of Schlage smart lock you have.