Ring Indoor Camera bricking

i bought a Ring Indoor Camera and plugged it in and started set up. everything seemed to work fine until it was installing an update. after that point the system status went offline and never came back (waited about 24 hours). no blue light shows up. if i push the button,nothing happens. if i hold the button for at least 20 seconds (hard reset), nothing happens. if i go into the app the signal strength is great so i clicked reconnect to wi-fi but since no lights come on it can’t connect. firmware says up to date. i tried multiple outlets (even using outlets that other items are working on), still not working. so requested a replacement which was sent immediately.

new camera i decided to do the install next to the router just to be on the safe side. again all was going well until it was did the update. from then on i have the same problem as the original camera. no blue light. not online. i’ve tried all steps again, button press, button hold, app reconnect, different outlet. nothing seems to do anything. seems like the newest firmware is bricking the cameras. any helpful ideas? all prior articles always seem to end in just “call us” responses with no real solution or update to say if they helped at all

just wanted to add a follow up incase anyone comes across this post. i did end up calling ring. they went through what i had done and then advised to replace the item. so i’m going to try and replace the item again.

I did describe my setting up and asking if anything was done wrong but they said no it sounds like a hardware issue.

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Did the new cameras fix it mine just did same exact thing

Same problem, third replacement, not fixed.

Yes my third one worked without issue. I have had no problem since setting that one up.

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