Ring Indoor cam issue?

I recently bought the three-pack indoor cam that’s battery powered. Had them all charged up and set up and already have them on my app but they do not seem to detect any motion. I’ve tried walking past it, my partner did too, and neither of us got a notification on our phones. What could be wrong here? Could this be a faulty camera that we got? I have:
-Motion Frequency set to Frequent
-Notification set to Default and toggled ‘On’

-Motion Detection and Motion Alerts toggled ‘On’
Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi, @kingkoy! It is certainly odd that motion is not being detected by any of the 3 Cameras. The best first step will be to test a live view from the Ring app, to ensure the Cameras are online and communicating as intended. Next, check your event history to see if these motion events are at least recording, but not notifying your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hey Marley. I’ve checked on these as well. I just forgot to mention here. I can access Live View and see myself in the video. There is no feed at all on the events history. Does this have maximum distance that it can measure?

Thank you for confirming this, @kingkoy. Distance of detection will depend on settings, mounting angle, and environment. As this is an Indoor Camera, the motion zones can be customized along with motion sensitivity to optimize detection distance and field of view. The best method for finding a motion configuration that works with your home, is through trial and error.

Fine tuning motion and obtaining motion detection are, of course, much different from one another. Let’s make sure you can get some kind of motion event to trigger from the Cameras. Once that is accomplished, the only thing left will be fine tuning settings and mounting angle. If you are still not receiving any motion alerts/ events at all, even when directly in front of the Camera, try a reset on the device by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. I recommend also checking any other Ring app settings related to motion, such as motion scheduling or modes that might be preventing detection.