RIng in Quebec

Does anyone know if the ring monitoring will ever be available in Quebec?

Hey @Sophia1. We do not have an ETA or plans to have monitoring available in Quebec at this time, but if we are able to bring this feature to our Quebec neighbors, we will make sure to highlight this in our News and Announcements section of the Ring Community. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, Ring should prioritize bringing the Ring Security System with professional monitoring to Quebec. This will definitely disrupt the market in the province since there’s really only 1 other company which offers a low cost option (but the hardware pricing is through the roof). I believe the investment would go a long way in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction.

And, the people of Quebec, always get the short end of the stick… So please Ring, make the effort, for all the Quebecers who love your products!


Do you have any updates or comments if it’s in Ring’s plan to comply and provide the service in the province of Quebec? I prefer your product, but I did found some other companies base in USA that were able to comply with Quebec regulation for the professional monitoring.

Any update on bringing Ring to Quebec, specifically Montreal?
I need an alarm system for my home insurance and all alarm companies in Quebec charge 2x or 3x the cost of Ring!
Anyone have suggestions for a company with no installation costs or contract to use in the meantime?

Hey neighbors! The information given by Chelsea is still accurate. There is no new information as if or when monitoring will be available. Thank for continuing to share you feedback on this. I suggest voting for this in our Feature Request board.