Ring II Doorbell Video Dark

We continue to have issues with our Ring II doorbell. When first installed the video at night was like in the first picture - nice and brightly illuminated. At some point the Ring software in the device was updated and more often than not the image is like the second image - darker and not recognizable. The lights are on in both cases. This is disappointing as we have contacted Ring before regarding this defect and no assistance was given to correct the issue. I do not think this is a hardware problem, but a software problem that should be corrected.

Hi @Ruthenium! Thank you for providing these image examples of your concern. The area certainly has adequate lighting for proper low light lens adjustment. It looks like the nearby brick is catching light or focus from the Video Doorbell lens. As a test, try using a sheet of paper to cover any light coming from the button during these events. Angling the Video Doorbell away from that brick may improve night vision adjustment. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have tried doing both your suggestions without success. The problem is that the camera didn’t do this for the first few months I had it. At some point, Ring modified the software in the camera and it began acting in this manner. this is clearly a software problem that Ring can correct. Why isn’t it being done?

This is still a problem. Two examples of acceptable and unacceptable dark video are attached. Please fix your software, because the brighter picture is how your camera worked for months when it was first installed.