Ring History not being saved

My history has stopped being saved. I have the basic feature which I paid for.

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Hey @George_S, if you are having any concerns with your subscription and the videos not saving, it would be best to reach out to our support team for this. They can take a deeper look into your account to get this sorted out, so please give them a chat whenever you have a chance here.

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Hi @George_S or Chelsea, did you resolve this? We have been having same issue. The history only shows live views, it is not saving the motions or doorbell rings anymore. Nothing changed in our setup, it just stopped about a week or two ago.

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Hey @dgerard! If your Live Views are saving, your other events should also show up in your event history list. Please access the Ring app, select Event History, and check each tab for event type to see if the video show in there. If not, try removing the Ring app and reinstalling it on your mobile device.

You can confirm your subscription and videos further, by signing in via web browser, at Ring.com. If this concern persists, the best next step would be to reach out to our support team for further assistance. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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This problem just started for me several days ago. A supervisor with overseas phone support had me delete and reset the motion zones. We determined that live view was working before doing this. It worked, but in 11 hours the videos again stopped appearing in history. I reset the zones again and this time videos loaded for only 4 hours. All cameras are functioning and connected to the internet.

Since all of us only begin to have this problem in February, could it be a software update problem, etc. I have now emailed Ring with this problem, asking for U.S. support. When can we expect a solution from Ring?

Our Neighborhood Watch is losing valuable activity needed to combat a drug house in our neighborhood.

Same problem also, this is a RING issue, not a user issue. Please resolve.

Sam the same is there a fix coming?

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Looks like still no reply over 2 years??

Hi @LeoYes. You can check the marked solution for help with this concern. :slight_smile: