Ring Hardwiring


I have recently been obtained significant drain (10% in 3 days) on a new ring doorbell 3 despite being hardwired.

I wanted to rule out hardwiring issues. So i checked this transformer output using a multimeter.

This is my transformer

It’s currently wired on pins 1 & 4, hence I expect a 24v output. However, the multimeter was indicating a voltage of 30v. I performed readings on the rear of the doorbell and at the transformer itself (pin 1&4), both give 30v.

Do I have a faulty transformer, or is this normal?

Should I lower the voltage to 12v?

Many thanks,

Hi there, @rpatel2. As long as you are using a transformer rated for at least 8v to 24v of AC power, this should work as intended. Keep in mind, a charge supplied from hardwiring can depend on usage and other battery draining factors. With the transformer looking to be sufficient, please ensure the wiring used is not too thin or too long, as this can create resistance in power. To ensure for the best charge from wiring, check out our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimising the charge provided by power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: