Ring Hard wired does not charge enough7

Hello Gurus,
I have a Ring 1 device which is installed outside my yard.
The Ring is fed through an intercom power supply with 14VAC power supply.
I have between 50-70 motion events daily yet the ring does not charge enough.
From my understanding the power requirements are minimum of 12VAC

One thing I am trying to improve is the wifi signal which might be a cause to more power drain from the Ring
Update : while talking to Ring support they claimed that power drain is caused by low Wifi signal .
I installed new AP and now I have -60dbm …yet the battery still drains

Any thoughts ? Ideas

Likely due to the number of motion events. You might try tweaking your motion settings such as Frequency and Sensitivity if you have them.
I used to get a similar number of motions and my battery wouldn’t stay charged up. Once I tweaked the settings to get fewer motion events (a dozen or 2 each day) my battery would stay charged.

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I wonder why the product was not designed to charge adequatley in order to support those number of events.
From my POV this is poor design …and poor user experience .
Thx for the advise :grinning:

Hi @Cozzmo. When you wire a battery powered Ring Doorbell to a doorbell circuit, it provides a trickle charge to the battery to help keep it topped off. Getting a large number of motion events can cause the battery to discharge more quickly than it can be charged via the wiring. Like @SolarEclipse stated, you may try adjusting your motion detection settings to reduce the number of motion events you’re receiving. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

I wonder why Ring does not disclose the info about power consumption of the Ring door bell 1st Gen ?
What is the charging current of the ring ?
I think as well that a full disclosure might be in place ( saying above X events might cause battery drain )