Ring Gen 2 Motion Detector Setup

Hi Everyone. Only owned Ring Alarm for a few days but so far im very impressed. its a brilliant system.

ive gone ahead and bought myself another motion sensor for the hallway.

What i need is for it to generate an alarm immediately if it detects an intruder going past it, but to ignore me if i have opened the front door and the entry delay has begun so i can disarm the system without all hell breaking loose. How do i do this please?


Hi @TechnicalMarvel. The Entry Delay is designed to allow you the specified amount of time to disarm your system before the alarm’s siren will trigger. You can choose to set the Motion Detector’s placement in an Entryway or Room to determine if it will trigger the Entry Delay or not. For example, if the system is armed and the Motion Detector is set to Entryway placement, it will trigger the Entry delay if it detects motion. If it’s set as a Room Motion Detector, it will immediately trigger the siren if motion is detected when the system is armed.

Additionally, you can choose which sensors are armed depending on if your system is armed in Home or Away Mode. You can read more about the Modes settings in our Help Center Article here. That way you could have the hallway Motion Detector unarmed in Home mode when you’re at home and moving around in the house, but armed in Away mode so it will trigger either the Entry Delay or the siren if motion is detected (dependent upon the placement). I hope this information helps, and welcome to the Ring family! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring , thanks for replying.

I am by no means new to the Ring Family lol, I now have a total of 8 camera devices (including 2 doorbells) and alarm was just the next addition lol

What I need is the option for motion sensor to trigger the alarm straight away if its triggered without the entry delay counting down, but if the entry countdown has started, then to ignore me so I can put the code in and disarm the system. I assume this isnt at all possible then?