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Seems I posted here a while back, but couldn’t find it.
Ring cameras on my Ring app (android) are quite inconsistent.
Sometimes, on detecting motion, cameras will give the audible tone and show a live pic of the camera. Sometimes, I just get the tone. Sometimes, the tone is not the one I assigned the cameras. Sometimes, no tones at all. Best I can tell - no guarantees - the floodlights come on when motion is detected.
FWIW, I also have a Samsung watch. Sometimes, I get a display with something similar to “Motion detected on Garage camera.” Sometimes, I get the notification and a pic from the camera. Sometimes, nothing.
I can find no pattern. A camera will work at noon, but by 12:45, I don’t even get an audible tone. All are connected to Smartthings. All show motion History through the Ring app.
How do I get consistency from the floodlights?

I have a Pixel with Android 12 and don’t encounter the same issues. You can always try the clear cache/storage for the Ring app and see if that helps.
AFAIK Ring still doesn’t support smart watches, so your experience won’t be addressed by Support.

Hi @requiredusername. It sounds like you’re describing Rich Notifications, which sends you a snapshot image of what’s happening in front of your Ring Camera as a notification. On Android phones, a setting called Background Data needs to be toggled on in order for Rich Notifications to work. In some cases of poor connection, you may not receive Rich Notifications. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, smart watches are not officially supported by Ring, so the Rich Notifications feature may or may not work on your smart watch. If you’re not receiving notifications at all or it’s inconsistent, I’d suggest reviewing the troubleshooting tips and tricks in the Community post here. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile:

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@caitlyn_ring Finally tried all your suggestions. It appears uninstall/reinstall did the trick. Not certain yet, but 24hrs later all cameras work.
Interestingly (to me), my replacement floodlight pro would not connect. Even pushing the reset button on top of the camera failed. Uninstall/reinstall appears to have allowed the camera to connect to the app and, so far, working well.

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Worked for a day. Now, no sound from any camera. Keep in mind, every camera records motion. Just no audible notification.

@requiredusername I’m glad to hear that you were receiving notifications after trying the troubleshooting steps. Have you tried unlinking your smartwatch from your phone to see if this has any impact on the notifications? Ring doesn’t officially support smartwatches, so it may be worth testing to see if you receive notifications normally without having your smartwatch linked to your phone. If this concern persists, I’d recommend following up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for the followup. I’ve found, if I reboot my phone, I get all Ring audible notifications. Later, all (or almost all) notifications stop.
Any troubleshooting suggestions?

@requiredusername What is the make and model of your smartphone? There may be some device-specific troubleshooting information I can find depending on what type of smartphone you have. It may also be worth trying to unlink your smartwatch from your phone temporarily to see if this has any effect on whether or not you receive notifications.

Samsung S21.
I’ve literally turned off my smart watch. Made no difference.
Interestingly, to me, when my phone gives no audible notifications of motion, but my watch does - most of the time.
Again, I can reboot my phone and get all audible notifications. This persists for 3-4 hours (still experimenting). Then, no audibles. Reboot and get audibles again.

@requiredusername The last thing I can think to recommend is checking if there are any specific options within your phone’s settings that may be limiting or impacting the delivery of notifications after a certain amount or during a certain time of day. I’m not familiar with all of the options and controls available on Android, but it is worth checking, especially if there has been any recent updates to the Android OS on your phone that may have changed how notifications behave. If you’re not able to find a resolution, you can follow up with our support team for further assistance.