Ring Floodlights not going to "snooze" mode

Hi, we have four ring floodlights in our yard, set to motion detection and two are set to be on overnight. Sometimes when we are in the yard at night, we want all of the lights off, so we try to set them to “snooze”. They still turn on from motion activation. We have tried manually clicking the lights off in the app, but they still flick on from motion. I assume it has something to do with our settings, we also have a Ring CHIME. We are stuck on how to simply snooze or shut the lights when we want them off and not motion reactive. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @steveh011! Motion Snooze is usually best for motion notifications control. The best way to ensure motion and lights are not triggered is to disable the motion detection through the Smart Light’s motion detection settings in the Ring app. If you have your Smart Lights in a group, you may need to also disable the linked or group motion settings for motion. This should result in disabling motion when desired, just remember to enable these settings again once needed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: