Ring Floodlight turning on and off

Looking to see if anyone else has had a similar issue before I go and reset both cameras. I have two floodlight cams in my backyard/driveway. They are maybe 20 feet from each other. One of the lights turns off an on frequently with no apparent source. The camera generally does not record anything, just the floodlights turn on. Sometimes the linked floodlight will turn on with it, othertimes it will not. One has also had some wifi connection issues even though its pretty close to an access point,.

Thank you for sharing this with the Community, hopefully someone here might be able to share a similar experience. In the mean time, there are some common culprits that could cause lights to trigger on the Floodlight Cam without the recording actually triggering.

Being that the light detection is based on heat signatures, the following could trigger lights:
Small animals, heating vent, AC unit, dryer vents, abrupt change in UV exposure, vehicles, and any other heat source within range.

As for the linked Floodlight Cam reaction inconsistency, the wifi connection concern mentioned might be related to the Cams response accuracy. Resolving one should improve the other. If concerns persist, or seem to be something other than what I listed above, feel free to contact support for a more in depth look at your devices and setup.

I am pretty sure I nailed down the problem with the lights turning on and off. I had the lights linked and it allows you to set a time for the lights to turn on when motion is detected at the other light. Unfortunetly, this turns the lights on no matter if it’s day time or night time. If one detects motion, it turns the other light on. I have narrowed the time to be during evening hours only now.

Would be great to have them linked, but only turn on after dark, or be able to set them to work between sunset and sunrise.

I am tracking the wifi issue. So far seems to be ok the past few days.