Ring Floodlight stops recording video

The video from my hardwired Ring Floodlight stops recording motion events. See the attache video where the white truck isn’t even seen going up the driveway and the black car in the street is headed West in the video but is suddenly facing East. This makes the unit useless as this has been going on since installation. There is no telling when it will happen as other times it seems to record the entire events. No pattern to time or dates or events. Any reason for this?

The specs: Gen 1 floodlight positioned outside garage over driveway, 1 Gig fiberoptic internet, used with 8 Eero Pros (one is actually in the garage), set for 120 sec record, recording zone is entire camera frame, motion sensitivity is highest, smart alerts Off, signal strength is 58, firmware is up to date

Hi @user14960. This is most likely due to packet loss. Are you connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? I would also try to move one of your Eeros to improve the RSSI from -58. I would also check to make sure that your Floodlight Cam is using the correct ports and protocols. Let me know if this helps!