Ring Floodlight Pro

I am needing some assistance on setting my wifi. I do have a new Unifi system with access points thats a bit advanced and I am a bit un-advanced. But I do have the ability to adjust specific wifi settings for certain devices or groups.

With that… All of a sudden about 3 months ago, my Ring Floodlight Pro cameras (not the other cameras, only the FLOODLIGHTS) decided to go offline. I can flip the light switches to reset them, they stay on for about 4 days then offline again. My access points are the Pros, $200 each and are literally less than 10 yards away inside the home.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as do you suggest specific bandwidth, channel width or channel? I know they are made to be acceptance of everything, but even if I stand on a ladder with my cell phone I have full signal off the wifi. Just looking for a way to maximize the connection between the two. (WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO CONNECT AN ETHERNET CABLE)

Thanks for all the help!!!

Hi @phildogbph. When you get your Floodlight Cams connected to wifi, what is the RSSI in the Device Health page showing for each Cam? Do your wifi access points have their own unique wifi network SSIDs and passwords, or is it the same as the main SSID and password for your router? Is it a dual-band wifi network with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, or are you able to separate these? This information will help us narrow down what the exact cause might be so we can find a solution that will work for you. :slight_smile: