Ring Floodlight - On/Off Voice Light Function removed from SmartThings 6/30/21

I use Google Home and not Alexa for voice controls in my house. I have 5 of the floodlight cameras hardwired at my house, up until yesterday (6/30/21) I had my ring account synced to my Samsung SmartThings hub. With SmartThings, my google home account is able to control all those devices and it would allow me to turn the spot lights on/off by saying “Turn on the Deck light” or whatever I named each floodlight camera.

Well I got notifications from Google Home that 5 devices were removed from my Google Home all at the same time. I looked and it was all of my Ring camera lights. When I logged in to SmartThings I could see the cameras were all there and working as I can view the feed and listen in via SmartThings app, but the ability for SmartThings to turn the lights on/off within the app was no longer there. Anyone else using SmartThings and noticed as of yesterday the ability to control the lights were removed?

Its super inconvenient and not realistic to even use them as lights now, because now the only way to turn them on/off is by having my phone and going in to the ring app.

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We had the same thing happen, got the notification that ring had been removed from Google home and the lights are gone from smart things. I’m guessing ring removed the api since they have a “new” light schedule in their app now. I have (had) all lights controlled by start things, well because it’s smart. and everything worked together on the same system. I hope they correct this.

I can confirm the same (annoying) problem. Ring floodlight cameras all lost ability to control light from voice assistants (both Google and Alexa) as well as smartthings. I hope this is an overlook from Ring side and it will be resolved soon. Ring, please!

Hey neighbors. Ring does not officially support an integration with SmartThings and any integration that is currently in use would be maintained and updated by the SmartThings team. It’s for this reason that some features may not work if you chose to use this integration. I can certainly pass this feedback along to the appropriate team for you! :slight_smile:

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According to SmartThings, all 3rd party integrations (Ring) is created and maintained by the 3rd party (Ring).

The Ring (Connect)integration was updated to the Ring schema integration which deprecated even more functions.

If Ring nor SmartThings are going to take responsibility for the integration, then both need to remove the works with SmartThings or else it is false advertising.


If you receive an update please let us know :slight_smile: